Shopping For New Front Door Locks? 2 New Features You Might Love

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your front door or to improve security, you might be in the market for a door handle set—complete with a new and improved deadbolt. Although the quest for replacement locks might seem like a simple matter of opinion, today's market boasts a huge selection that can make shopping overwhelming. Here are two great new features you might love, so that you can find the perfect door hardware:

1: Re-Key Technology

Do you remember the last time you hired a professional locksmith to re-key your home? If you are like most people you might have watched in amazement as he or she carefully repositioned internal pins and replaced tumblers. However, if you have a busy schedule, it might not always be convenient to set up a time with a locksmith to take care of your door locks. Fortunately, lock manufacturers have developed high tech locks that you can re-key yourself.

These locks, which look just like any other model, come along with a special device called a "memory" or "learning" tool. To rekey your locks, all you need to do is insert your old key, turn it a set amount, insert the special tool on top of the old key, and then remove the set. When you insert the new key, the system will automatically reset to the new shape. This entire process only takes a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to update your home security as you see fit. Here are a few other benefits this feature offers:

  • Universal Keying: Believe it or not, some smart locks with re-keying systems can be programmed to accept multiple key shapes, so that you won't have to worry about making endless copies of a brand new key. This feature can also be used to reinforce security. If you are worried about keeping track of multiple key copies, you can simply issue a different key to every member of your household, and program them for the same lock.
  • Security: If you are worried about a criminal re-keying your locks to gain entry to your home, you shouldn't be. Because you need both the original key and the special tool to make any changes, strangers won't be able to hack your locks unless you leave your re-keying kit laying around. To ward off problems, some homeowners choose to keep their re-keying tool in a home safe or a safety deposit box, so they can control who updates their entry locks.

In addition to improving your home security, re-key technology is also incredibly convenient. If one of your kids loses his house keys or you decide to move, you can simply re-key your locks when it is convenient for you.

2: Electronic Deadbolts

Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply type in a code to open your front door instead of going through your purse to find your keys? With the help of an electronic deadbolt, getting into your home can be as easy as entering a password. Instead of a round keyhole, these deadbolts contain a keypad. After entering the right password, the deadbolt opens, giving you easy access to your place. Here are a few reasons you should seriously consider these space-age locking mechanisms:  

  • Aesthetics: You won't have to worry about that keypad making your entryway look like a commercial warehouse. Most versions are beautifully crafted to blend in. For example, some models are made with matching metal covers that flip open, while others use completely flat keypads marked with subtle, decorative fonts.  
  • Custom Codes and Time Zones: Electronic deadbolts also give users the opportunity to add codes and specify time zones. For example, if you want your children to have access to your house after school, but don't want to encourage truancy, you could set up their codes to work from 3pm-12am.

By investing in the right door hardware, you might be able to improve your curb appeal, protect your family, and reduce the size of your Saturday chore list.