Protect Your Home From The Very Beginning

When you purchase a home, there are many things you need to do to make it your own. You will immediately begin thinking what you want the walls to look like, if you need new carpet or flooring, or how to furnish the house. What many people overlook is the barriers to outsiders when it comes to the house. One of the most important things to do when you are moving into your new home is to have the house rekeyed and then protect your locks

Why Re-Key?

First and foremost, you have to go under the assumption that the homeowner has turned over all of the keys to the real estate agent when they put the house up for sale. Sometimes this is true, but other times it is not. It is not worth putting your belongings at a risk, especially when you do not know the previous owners.

There are two more groups of people that may have a copy of the key to your home without your knowledge. The old owners may have given a copy of the key to their friends or contractors that have done work in the house while they owned it. These are more people that have access to your belongings and you do not know them. While it is a long shot that anything will happen, it is always better to prevent the possibility.

Protect During the Move

It is also important to protect your home during the moving process. You can still use a moving company to get your belongings to your house, as well as allow people to work on the home, without having to give them physical access to the locks. There are digital locks that you can have installed on your home that allow you to have multiple codes set for entry. This will allow you to set a guest code to allow people in temporarily and then you can turn off the guest code when they are done.

Finally, make sure you know who is coming into your home during the move-in process. It is very easy for people to look like they are part of the moving crew, and actually be a crook. Talk to the company prior to their arrival and make sure you know how many people will be with them, and how they identify themselves. Everyone who works for a company should have proper identification on them, and you should never feel guilty about asking to see it. Your home is a huge investment and it will be your life, keeping it protected is something that should be thought about at the time of purchase. Call a locksmith, like Gene's Lock & Key, for more help.