Don’t Forget These Two Doors When Installing Security Locks

Although you may already have strong locks on the front and back doors of your home, you may still be leaving yourself vulnerable to criminals by failing to secure other common access points. Here are two frequently forgotten doors that also need good tamper-proof locks to keep out burglars, home invaders, and other ne'er-do-wells:

Interior Garage Door

Check any home in your neighborhood, and chances are good the interior door that allows entry into the home from the garage is secured with a flimsy lock. People don't think they need a good lock on this door because they believe thieves cannot open the garage door without the transmitter.

However, nothing can be further from the truth. Thieves can actually break into your garage in six seconds simply by tripping the emergency release lever. Once they get into the garage, it is a simple matter to break into your home if the interior door doesn't have a good lock on it.

Therefore, you want to treat this interior door like an exterior one. First, make sure you install a heavy door that can resist forceful entry. Second, you want to ensure there is a high-security deadbolt on the door. These locks have several security features—such as reinforced strike plates and long mounting screws—designed to prevent break-ins.

Though you may lose a few valuables you have stored in your garage, reinforcing the interior garage door will prevent any burglars from stealing anything inside the house.

Interior Basement Door

Another door that's frequently overlooked is the door the separates the basement from the main part of the home. To be fair, you only need to worry about this door if your basement can be accessed from the outside via an exterior door or windows.

Like with garages, thieves can break into your basement and then gain entry to rest of the home through the oft-flimsy interior door. So you want to employ the same solution here as you did with the interior garage door. Make sure the door is sturdy and secured with a strong deadbolt that can only be opened with a key. While this still leaves any items stored in your basement vulnerable to theft, fortifying the interior door will help contain the damage to that area only.

For more information about securing your interior and exterior doors against burglary or to have locks installed on your doors, contact a local locksmith for assistance.

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