Locksmith Services Aren’t Just For New Buildings

The common misconception that locksmiths simply work on new buildings for their security, cut keys and repair locks on doors has plagued public awareness about locksmith services since long. The importance of locksmith services is also often undermined, for instance, a 'handyman' is engaged for most seemingly minor residential and even commercial security issues instead of a professional locksmith. However, in modern times, the extent of services which a locksmith can provide and their importance has tremendously increased.

Locksmith services can be divided into two main parts: the auto/car category and the home/business category. Generally, these are the services which a locksmith can provide:

Key Cutting – Locksmiths can cut keys for all kinds of locks – be it garage, cabinets, doors, UPVC doors, padlocks etc.

Door and Window Locks – They not only install the standard UPVC door and window locks, but also repair and service them.

Security Safe Services – Supplying, installing and repairing security safes and large vaults is a significant aspect of locksmith services.

Access Control – Locksmiths these days also specify, supply, install and repair electronic access control systems.

Auto Locksmith – Auto locksmithing is a specialised area which offers a range of services including repairing car key fobs, programming remote and transponder keys or simply cutting out new keys for a car.  

Rekeying Services – Instead of installing brand new locks in the house or locking systems for a business, rekeying is a much cheaper option and is an important service provided by locksmiths.

Intercom Systems – Locksmiths can advise customers on the type of intercom best suited to the building, can install and repair the same.

Locksmiths are qualified to advise on security issues and also give solutions in case of problems faced. For example, locksmiths can suggest the most appropriate lock or locking system that should be installed in certain kinds of doors or buildings, ones which will effectively secure the establishment and keep intruders at bay. Additionally, for determining the kind of lever and knob sets which would comply with the building codes, one would need a locksmith.

Locksmiths can make all locks work through the same key, so whenever you find yourself locked out of your home, car, office etc., all you need to do is call a locksmith. Thus, locksmithing services should not be misconstrued as only being limited to installation of locking systems in new buildings; they do much more than that! For more information, contact companies like Roland Park Lock And Key.