Three Services That A Commercial Locksmith Offers That You May Be Unaware Of

A commercial locksmith can help when you need to install locks for your commercial building or have the locks rekeyed. But they also offer many services that you may need as a commercial business owner. Here are three of the lesser-known services that a commercial locksmith offers. 

Replacing Keys for Vending Machines

It is common for business owners to place vending machines in the break room. This allows your employees to grab a soda, candy bar, or bag of chips on their break or during their lunchtime. In order to get the money out of the machine or to replace the inventory inside of the machine, you need a tubular key. However, if you have lost this key, you may think that you will have to replace the entire vending machine. This is not true. A commercial locksmith has the ability to pick most locks that use tubular keys and then either replace the lock or make a key for your machine, allowing you to once again retrieve money and refill the vending machine. 

Changing Out the Locks on File Cabinets

Another lesser-known service that a commercial locksmith offers is changing out the locks on file cabinets. Many businesses give their employees a locked file cabinet to keep at their desk. They can place their purse inside, store personal items, or store important documents. But if an employee losses the key or gets fired and won't give up the key, you may wonder what to do next. A commercial locksmith will likely have to drill the lock out, which renders the lock useless. Once the lock is drilled out, you can access the file cabinet. From there, the locksmith can replace the lock so it can be locked again. 

Installing Latch Protectors

The last of the lesser known services that a commercial locksmith offers is installing latch protectors. A latch protect is a plate that can be placed in front of the lock so someone standing outside of the door cannot pry the lock or door open. This helps to prevent your commercial business from being burglarized. A commercial locksmith can install these plates around your doors to help secure your building. 

A commercial locksmith can help to change the locks or replace the keys for many of the locks that are inside of your commercial building. If you need any of these services, contact a commercial locksmith to assist you today.