The Best Possessions To Put In Your Vault

After you have installed your vault safe, you might wonder what you should keep in your vault. There are a lot of places you can put your belongings, such as in a storage unit or in a safety deposit box at a bank. However, there are some items you are better off keeping in your fault.


One of the best things to keep in your vault is a gun. This can allow you to prevent guests or children from accessing your gun and using it improperly. If an intruder breaks into your home, you do not want him or her to steal your gun or use it against you. If you are concerned about how quickly you can retrieve your gun from the safe, consider purchasing a specialized gun safe that can be quickly opened with a fingerprint.

Important Documents

Keep all of your important documents in a fire-proof vault. For one, you do not want these records destroyed in a disaster. Also, some intruders may want to steal these items because they may intend to steal your identity. You'll need your property insurance information when your home is destroyed. Also, keep all of your medical information in this location. Keep the deed to your house, the title to your car and spare keys in a vault.

Valuable Jewelry and Gold

Generally, you should store anything that is of value to you, but not the burglar. For example, you may not want to store gold in your own vault because a burglar who is able to remove your safe will eventually be able to open it. For that reason, valuable jewelry should be stored in a safety deposit box at a bank where there will be much better security.

Expensive Supplies Needed for Hobbies

Also, you should keep items that you must have access to in your home. For example, if you are engaged in a hobby that involves valuable items, you may want to keep them in a safe rather than at the bank or in a secure storage unit.

Emergency Cash

You may also want to store emergency cash in a vault. It's helpful to have a few thousand dollars that you can access when you cannot rely on other means of making a purchase. However, you will not want to keep your entire savings in the vault because it will not collect interest and a single burglary or a major fire could be catastrophic. 

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