3 Reasons A Lock Rekeying Service Makes Sense

Do you know what you would do if you lost the key(s) to the main door of your home? Getting a new key will likely come to your mind in the spur of a moment. You might choose this option if you have a spare key that you can get a copy of. However, getting another key cut can come with safety issues. You could put yourself at risk to get burglarized or physically harmed. 

Faced with this situation. You may want to consider replacing your lock(s). However, if you have a sturdy lock, you may not want to get rid of it especially if it is a recent purchase. Replacing old, worn lock can prove to be a good decision. An upgraded sturdy lock will offer you more security, and new locks usually can last for years. Rekeying your existing lock(s) is ideal if you do not want to get a new lock(s). You will find below a few reasons why rekeying locks is a good idea.

Key Consolidation

Perhaps you have found it frustrating to have to use multiple keys to get into your home. A locksmith can rekey multiple locks so that they operate by the same key. Some locksmiths refer to this type of key as a "master key." Consolidating your keys into one solution can protect you because you will not have to fumble with keys to enter/exit your home. 

Fast and Affordable

Rekeying may sound complicated to you, but locksmiths have the proper training, which ensures that they can maneuver the inner workings of locks and precisely cut keys in a short amount of time. You may prefer sturdy locks, and those usually come with a price tag that might pose an issue if your budget does not fit the bill. The cost of rekeying might be cheaper than replacing an expensive lock. 

Retain Current Structure and Door

The construction of some doorways makes it challenging to transition from one new lock to another. Depending on the structure of your doorway, you might have to replace your door if you change locks. Rekeying will eliminate this need since you will retain the same lock(s) hardware. Only the inner workings will require altering to fit the new key(s).

A locksmith is a good resource to use to learn more about rekeying. They can also inspect your locks and advise you about whether the locks provide reasonable security. You should not go by aesthetics alone to determine whether you have sturdy locks. Shiny locks may appear attractive, but the hardware of the interior portion may not withstand impact and protect your home from a break-in. 

To learn more about rekeying your locks, contact locksmith services near you.