Lock Considerations For Homeowners

If you are struggling with deciding on a type lock to install in your home, you will need to avoid being thoughtless during this upgrade. Otherwise, you may install locks that are insufficient for your home's security needs.

Key-Based, Combination, Or Smart Lock Systems

Your choice as to the particular style of the locking system that is installed will be a consideration that you should give additional attention to. In particular, you will want to decide whether you will benefit more from a key-based, combination, or smart lock system. Combination locks can be relatively rare, but they can allow individuals to enjoy keyless entry into the home without the need to install a complicated digital smart locking system. In contrast, smart locks will be more complicated, but this will allow them to provide a far greater range of features and amenities.

The Location Of Where The Lock Should Be Installed

Deciding on exactly where the locks will be installed is another factor that will demand a high degree of attention from the homeowner. Failing to be thoughtful when choosing a location can make it easier for a criminal to breach the door. For example, a lock that is positioned within reach of a window may be susceptible to individuals being able to break the window to release the lock. In some situations, the design of your door may simply make it impossible to position the lock where it is not within reach of the glass. If this is the case for your door, you may want to only opt for a double cylinder lock as this will require a key to use on both sides. As a result, someone that breaches the glass will still be unable to release the lock to open the door without the key.

Whether A Single Lock Will Be Sufficient

Depending on the particular security needs of your home, you may find that a single lock is simply not a viable safety and security option for your home. This can be particularly true for those that live in highly populated areas or in communities that have elevated crime. For these homeowners, it may be advisable to install a double lock system on the doors. This can make it much harder for individuals to breach the doors as they will have two locks that will need to be circumvented. A deadbolt can be a popular option for a secondary lock as it will be strong enough to be able to hold the door shut while still being relatively easy to install.

For more information, reach out to a residential locksmith in your area.