Scared Of Lock Bumping? 4 Ways A Residential Locksmith Can Help You Prevent This Problem

For many homeowners, the only thing that stands between you and intruders is a nice solid set of locks. Unfortunately, they may not be enough as thieves use bump keys to bypass locks. Some home invasions don't indicate forced entry. So, what can you do to protect yourself? The following are some ways a locksmith can help you prevent lock bumping at home.

1. Invest In Smart Locking Systems

Pin tumbler locks make it easy for intruders to access properties. It takes a few seconds for experienced housebreakers to realign the pins and unlock the door. The uncouth method can't be used in keyless entry locks. Smart systems use more sophisticated means to unlock doors. They use biometrics, passcodes, and cards. Ask your locksmith to help you find and install an electronic or smart lock to keep the criminals at bay.

2. Use Advanced Locks 

Manufacturers have been releasing modern security locks into the market. These locks don't depend on pin tumbler mechanisms to work. Bump-proof locks have complex designs near the keyhole entry. They can't be unfastened without a specific set of well-trimmed keys. The modern locks are nearly impossible for intruders to bypass without the right keys.

Some options in the market have additional features that automatically lock into the receiver plate. They make it impossible to unlock the door from outside if you don't have a key. Consider consulting your locksmith to learn more about the best modern and resistant locks on the market.

3. Lock Guards

If you need an inexpensive solution, your locksmith might recommend installing lock guards. The guard is installed into your current lock to hold the deadbolt tightly in place when the intruder attempts to unlock it. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of these guards is that you can't unfasten the locks if you are outside. Even when using the right key, the guard might lock you out. However, you can use it when you are in the house or secure a certain door if you are leaving from another. Your locksmith will help you understand the solution better and see if it suits your situation.

4. Integrate Security Pins

Another economical way to counter bumping is by asking the expert to install security pins in your locks. When integrated, they bind before getting to the lock's shear bolt and line. Although it is not completely burglar-proof, it gives the thief a harder time bypassing the lock, eventually discouraging them.

If you are concerned about your home security, consider the above solutions. Your residential locksmith can walk you through every technique and highlight their respective pros ad cons to help you choose something that will work for you.  

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