Moved Into A New Home? Rekey The Locks To Stay Safe

If you just moved into a new home, you should consider rekeying the locks. You never know if someone has a key to the home that you are not aware of. This is much less expensive when compared to replacing all the locks in your home with new ones. Below is information on rekeying locks and how it is done by a professional.  

Rekeying A Lock

Hire a locksmith to rekey your locks for you. You should know that none of the hardware will change when rekeying locks. If you want all new hardware, your only option is to completely replace the locks in the home.  

When you rekey a lock, you will receive a brand-new key. None of the older keys will work in the locks anymore. You can have each door in the home use the same key which will make things easier for everyone in the family. Your locksmith will provide you with the keys you need. You can have extra keys made at a home improvement store or a hardware store if you prefer. While you are there, have an extra set of keys made to put away just in case someone loses their keys. 

How A Lock Is Rekeyed

You can purchase a lock rekeying kit from a home improvement store and do this on your own. However, it is still a better option to hire a locksmith as they will ensure the job is done correctly. You may also need special tools that you do not have. You will find that some of these tools may be expensive if you have to purchase them.  

The first thing the locksmith will do is remove the doorknob and then remove the cylinder. The locking mechanism is then removed and taken apart. There are pins inside the lock that the key moves when the door is being unlocked. These pins are removed, and brand-new ones are inserted. The locksmith puts everything back together.

If you have a deadbolt that requires a different key to unlock, these can be rekeyed also. The locksmith removes the deadbolt from the door, takes apart the locking mechanism, removes old pins, and inserts new pins. The locking mechanism is then put back together, and the deadbolt is placed back in the door and secured. 

The locksmith can go over this information with you in much more detail. They will check every door that was rekeyed to make sure it locks and unlocks correctly using the new keys.

Contact a local locksmith to learn more about rekeying.