Repairs That Residential Locks May Require

The locks to your home will be invaluable tools for keeping the property safe as they can reduce the ability of unauthorized individuals to easily enter the building. While modern locks are designed to be extremely secure and highly reliable, they can suffer various problems that will have the potential to impact their overall performance.

A Key That Has Broken Off In The Lock

A key breaking and getting stuck in the lock can be one problem that you may be especially likely to encounter. Unfortunately, a person's first impulse could be to attempt to pull the key from the lock. However, it is important to avoid attempting to force the broken key out of the lock. This could actually damage the internal components of the lock, which may result in it having to be replaced. A professional residential locksmith will have tools that are able to safely dislodge and remove the broken part of the key from the lock.

A Lock That Is No Longer Turning Easily

In some cases, your lock may start to become extremely difficult for you to be able to turn. This can make it difficult to use the lock. In fact, it may also lead to instances where you assume the lock has been secured, but it may remain unlocked. Often, this is a problem that can be due to the lubrication in the lock degrading. As it degrades, the moving components may no longer move smoothly against each other, and this could make it increasingly difficult to operate. Unfortunately, this is an issue that can also cause substantial damage to the lock as the friction will be able to degrade the metal components.

Alignment Problems With Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks can be an important part of your home's security. However, these locks can be prone to developing alignment issues over the years. These issues can lead to the deadbolt no longer correctly lining up with the notch in the door frame. In some cases, this problem can be due to the door's hinges loosening as this could cause the door to slightly tilt downward. However, it could also be the result of the locking mechanism shifting positions. A residential lock repair service can determine the cause of the alignment problem so that the necessary repairs can be undertaken. These repairs may involve tightening the faceplate for the lock, adjusting its positioning, or even making the notch in the door frame larger.