Repairs That Residential Locks May Require

The locks to your home will be invaluable tools for keeping the property safe as they can reduce the ability of unauthorized individuals to easily enter the building. While modern locks are designed to be extremely secure and highly reliable, they can suffer various problems that will have the potential to impact their overall performance. A Key That Has Broken Off In The Lock A key breaking and getting stuck in the lock can be one problem that you may be especially likely to encounter. Read More 

Moved Into A New Home? Rekey The Locks To Stay Safe

If you just moved into a new home, you should consider rekeying the locks. You never know if someone has a key to the home that you are not aware of. This is much less expensive when compared to replacing all the locks in your home with new ones. Below is information on rekeying locks and how it is done by a professional.   Rekeying A Lock Hire a locksmith to rekey your locks for you. Read More 

Scared Of Lock Bumping? 4 Ways A Residential Locksmith Can Help You Prevent This Problem

For many homeowners, the only thing that stands between you and intruders is a nice solid set of locks. Unfortunately, they may not be enough as thieves use bump keys to bypass locks. Some home invasions don't indicate forced entry. So, what can you do to protect yourself? The following are some ways a locksmith can help you prevent lock bumping at home. 1. Invest In Smart Locking Systems Pin tumbler locks make it easy for intruders to access properties. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Hiring A Locksmith Services During Lock-Related Emergencies

You came home tired after a busy day only to fumble through your bag and realize you must have misplaced your keys to get in. Or perhaps someone broke into your home, and now you can neither stay in your house nor leave it unprotected. What do you do in those two scenarios? Make a quick call to your locksmith for a quick solution. The following are ways you can benefit from working with a locksmith like ASAP Lock & Key to address lock-related issues. Read More