Tips To Help You Handle And Prevent Lockouts

How often do you find yourself locked out of your house, car, or business? Some people are unlucky enough to suffer through these lockout events several times each year. If you are one of those unfortunate souls, you can make a few changes to help avoid those situations and handle them with ease. Note Emergency Lockout Service Contact Information You've probably used the emergency lockout services in the past, but did you save the contact information? Read More 

The Best Possessions To Put In Your Vault

After you have installed your vault safe, you might wonder what you should keep in your vault. There are a lot of places you can put your belongings, such as in a storage unit or in a safety deposit box at a bank. However, there are some items you are better off keeping in your fault. Firearms One of the best things to keep in your vault is a gun. This can allow you to prevent guests or children from accessing your gun and using it improperly. Read More 

What To Do When Your Key Is Stuck In The Ignition

You're heading home from work; you pull into the driveway, turn off the car and start removing the key out the ignition, there's just one problem — the key is stuck. If you find yourself in this scenario, don't panic, as there are some things you can do to get your key out and most importantly, avoid causing permanent damage to your ignition; here are some of these tips. Wiggle the Key Read More 

Reasons To Have A 24-Hour Commercial Locksmith On Speed Dial

As a business owner, you might have never found yourself in a situation in which you needed to hire a locksmith. However, a locksmith who offers 24-hour services every day of the week can provide valuable services in certain situations, so it's a good idea to have someone in mind so you will know who to contact if you find yourself in a bad situation. These are a few reasons why it's a good idea to have a 24-hour commercial locksmith on speed dial at all times. Read More 

Five Reasons To Add Flip Guards To Your Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts, which are normally located on the outside doors of your home, typically have knob locks as the locking device. This type of lock cannot be forced open easily, but are simple to pick. To prevent this, you can add a device that will result in an increased security measure to make you feel safer. This device, called a flip guard, is designed to protect against bump keys and has other benefits. Read More