Keeping Your Business Safe: 3 Tips On How To Prevent Internal Theft

Workplace fraud happens a lot more often than what you may think. It's unfortunate that your employees may be the ones stealing the most from you, as 33% of stolen retail goods are a result of employee theft. Many preventative mechanisms recommended include being thorough with criminal and reference checks when hiring and inventory counts. That's not all that you can do. Here are 3 tips recommended by locksmiths. Be Careful Who You Give a Key To Read More 

Installing A Safe In Your Apartment: 4 Things To Remember

Whether you live in a ground floor apartment or a top floor penthouse, it's still important to secure your valuable items, particularly while you are away from home. A lot of apartment dwellers like the idea of a safe, but many people don't know how to properly install these devices. If you don't install the safe properly, you could just damage the property or waste your money, and you could even still become a victim of burglary. Read More 

The Benefits Of Installing A Security Screen Door

If you live in a location where the climate is pleasant enough that you would like to be able to open your front door and let a little fresh air in, you might think that it's sufficient to put up a screen door to keep out all the flying insects. However, a standard screen door is a major security risk, since a criminal can easily get through it and into your home. Read More